Wrist Hardware is an independent watch company based in Austin, Texas, specializing in luxury sport watches and high quality military watch straps. Every watch is individually hand-assembled and inspected. 

Wrist Hardware watches are built to be worn— never babied.

Inspired by American grit and ingenuity, Wrist Hardware guarantees that every watch will stand the test of time and make a worthy companion. As a boutique watch company, Wrist Hardware’s goal is to help reinvent the art of American watch design and continue to evolve this classic tradition into the 21st Century.

Wrist Hardware does not believe that businesses should exist solely for profit. As part of its mission to provide high quality, affordable watches and watch accessories, it also believes in enacting positive change.

Wrist Hardware donates 1% of all of your purchases to projects committed to carbon removal and scaling technologies that combat climate change.

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