Our watches come standard with 3 watch straps, giving you increased value and versatility with the option to change up the look of your timepiece

The perfect go-anywhere-do-anything sport watch is here. Built to thrive in any condition and exceed military spec, the Mk.1 Paramo is a tough timepiece that combines our shared love of quality, durability, and Swiss precision timekeeping. It is designed to excel in any environment and its refined presence allows it to be dressed up or down easily. The comfortable slim case profile features sharp angles with a combination of polished and brushed surfaces designed to play with light.

This elegant, modern wrist watch features details that could only have come from Wrist Hardware: an intricate sector dial, high-accuracy Swiss quartz movement, fully custom case design, and double-domed sapphire crystal. Every detail of this timepiece was designed with stringent requirements to produce a durable sport watch engineered to withstand the most adverse situations.